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Applications for the PFLAG Santa Fe 2018 Scholarships are now open!
The Scholarship Program provides an important positive statement to a segment of our population that is frequently deprived of needed support. There are many critical issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth including discrimination, depression, alienation, and the highest rate of suicide among all teenagers.

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth; to encourage continuing education for self-identified LGBTQ youth; and to foster a positive image of LGBTQ people in society.

The Santa Fe chapter of PFLAG is pleased to offer $1,000 scholarships for the 2018/2019 academic year. Since May 1997, when the scholarship program for LGBT youth was established, we have awarded scholarships in the total amount of $335,500.

Scholarship Eligibility & Terms
  • Priority is given to LGBTQ youth, however LGBTQ students up to the age of 35 are eligible to apply.
  • Priority will be given to first time recipients. Only past recipients who have received only one Santa Fe PFLAG scholarship are eligible (i.e. you are not eligible if you have received it twice).
  • Scholarships designated for a Straight Ally may be available.
  • Must attend a post-secondary educational institution within one year.
  • Resident of the state of New Mexico.
  • Must submit an application (in full, following all directions) with required supporting materials by the application deadline.
  • Awards will be paid by check jointly to the student and the institution and may only be used for education expenses (i.e. course registration fees, lab fees, books, university housing, etc).
Criteria for Awarding Scholarships
  • Identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight ally.
  • Demonstration of integrity and honesty.
  • Participation in community activities.
  • Determination and potential to achieve goals.
  • COMPLETE application submitted on time.
Important Dates:
  • Application Due Date: April 15, 2018
  • Decisions Announced: May 15, 2018
For more information, e-mail us at
or call Pauline at 505-699-2124.


Is it better to email my application in, or send it via US Mail?

Either is acceptable, however email is much preferred.

How should I save my electronic app to be emailed in?

Please save all of you application components as “LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_DOC TITLE”. For example:
Doe_John_APP, Doe_John_Transcripts, etc

Should my letter of reference be sent separately or with my application?

References letters are usually best sent separately by your reference. Either email or US Mail is acceptable, though email is much preferred when possible. We encourage you to follow up and confirm that your reference did indeed submit their letter of reference by the due date.

Do my transcripts need to be official? Also, what if it has “copy” printed across it when I scan it?

Unofficial transcripts are just fine; it is also fine when “copy” is printed across it when scanned.

I am having trouble with formatting of the cover page. What should I do?

Do the best you can…you can hand write (VERY NEATLY!) the cover page if needed, or you can type it out on a separate page. All answers to the narrative application questions MUST be typed.

I have received an application in the past. May I reapply?

You are eligible to receive a PFLAG Santa Fe scholarship a total of TWO times. So if you have received it only once, yes, you may reapply. After you have received two scholarships, you are no longer eligible to apply.

Am I eligible for the scholarship if I don’t live in Santa Fe?

Yes, you are eligible for the scholarship as long as you are a resident of New Mexico. If you are studying at a university outside of NM, you can still apply as long as you are considered a NM resident still. If you are originally from out of state, but are studying here in NM, AND are considered a NM resident now, you may also apply.